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My first kiss was with a girl at pre-school, we were four years old. The relationship lasted less than ten minutes due to her 'going over the line' in my colouring book. At four year old I was conforming to the rules of colouring and staying within the edge dictated by the lines...she on the other hand was free! Confident and liberated enough to bravely explore her own expression. I now 'go over the line' in my painting as much as I can!

When I walk along the coast I find myself at peace, reflecting on the world and our place within it. This reflective state is what I attempt to recreate in my work. 

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Always open fo a visit if you can get to us here in France, just let us know you are coming and I'll put the kettle on!


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Le Bourg, La Gonerie Boulouniex, Brantome en Perigord 23410


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